London Symphony in production

Katharine Round / February 18th, 2015

Update on production of silent city symphony on London
London Symphony in production

The production of silent city symphony “London Symphony’ is well under way. Director/Editor Alex Barrett is beginning to review the footage, logging it meticulously in preparation for the edit.

While Alex has been busy orchestrating the shooting and starting to log the material, composer James McWilliam has been starting to work on the score. Principally, at this stage, that work has involved making a concrete outline for the structure of the score.

This new structure enables James and Alex to work simultaneously on the score and the edit, as well as allowing the script to be broken down in an even more specific fashion than we have done previously. Breaking the film down into sections and sub-sections has helped us to refocus, and enabled us to know exactly how long we need each moment to last. This is a massive step forward for the project, and an exciting stage for us to have reached.

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