Created for the Nulla Dies Sine Linea, Satellite Berlin.

The creative mind often relies on rituals to enable it to retreat, draw inspiration from what it has sensed and create new forms. As the name of this exhibition implies, daily practice might be one of those rituals. But today’s fast-paced, digital age distracts with constant connectivity to the outer world. Observing, feeling, listening, contemplating and reacting––at times all at once––require full engagement of the senses. Conscious discipline becomes essential to access one's inner world.

NULLA DIES SINE LINEA was conceived as an open-ended exhibition that examines the idea of the ‘practiced mind’ as a path to inspiration. “No day without a line [drawn]“ is a saying attributed by Pliny the Elder to the ancient Greek painter Apelles, who was famously diligent in practicing his art every day. In this spirit, our show aims to examine the habits and practices used by agile thinkers to stay connected, or ‘in line,’ with the sublime. If this 'line’ represents a kind of key to the creative self, questions arise: What state of mind is necessary to come up with an idea for an artwork, a musical composition, the next sentence or verse, or a new theory? How does one access it on a regular basis? Most importantly, what role does daily routine play?

Cinematography by Leah Borromeo