How does a mining community survive when the pit at its heart finally closes?

Les Moore cannot let go of the past. The bitter legacy of the failed Miners’s Strike 30 years ago hangs over the bleak landscape of a South Yorkshire village where one of the last mines in Britain offers little work for locals as it struggles to remain open. Les wants his sons Jacob 27, Josh 24 and Joseph 21 to have a chance of a decent life but fears for their futures without new industry. Beneath his feet the dilapidated mine barely rumbles on. Coal hewn piles up, unsold in a world turning away from local fossil fuels.

Hoisting a brightly painted red banner Les joins a march to commemorate the community spirit of miners forced to return to work in 1985. He hopes his boys will join him, but they are preoccupied with their own uncertain futures. Now his sons must find a way forward: find a way to survive in a village with no work, or leave.

As the mine finally closes Les fights to keep the history of the village alive as he learns to accept that the next generation will make their own future.

The film was commissioned by Creative England and Film London. It was the winner of the Best UK Short award at Open City Documentary Festival 2016.

Director: Ruth Grimberg Producer: Claire Levy Executive Producer: Katharine Round Editor: Rob Platt